Monday, 14 June 2010

The Joy of Vienna - contest

Sahaja Yoga Blog and the Sahaja Music Group 'Wienananda' are launching the following contest.

You a can win a copy of Wienananda's newly released CD 'The Joy of Vienna'

All you have to do is add a comment to this post answering to this question:

"What is the chakra that when opened allows us to feel the vibrations?"

The winner will be drawn from all participants.

Answer by: June 21, 2010

read more about their CD here


nmirel said...

Sahasrara Chakra-'Thousand-petalled Lotus'...unite us with Param-chaitanya:))))))

congratulations 'joy of Vienna/Freude von Wien', the 16amazing musicians for the new CD
best wishes

Rainer said...

It is the sahasrara. Jai Shree Mataji

Cristina said...

To feel vibrations, you first have to have your Self Realisation, that is, partial awakening of Kundalini and connection to Param Chaitanya through your Sahasrara. This is necessary but not sufficient. I mean, vibrations can be there and you may not feel them just yet :)
The simplest answer is that the chakra responsible for feeling vibrations in hands is Vishuddhi. Or actually Lalita and Shri Chakras, which are located in the 2 shoulders.
But in my experience, any chakra seriously blocked can prevent you from feeling vibrations, because it actually blocks the stream of Kundalini from reaching your Sahasrara.