Friday, 25 June 2010

Miracle photos or not (answer 2)

The second answer to our question about how to figure out if a photo is miracle or not from this post

Many years ago, well before digital, an Indian yogi proudly gave me a copy of a miracle photo he had taken. In the photo Shri Mataji is standing in front of a vertical pipe (water maybe) and the camera flash is reflecting on the pipe, just above Mother's head...

But the real miracle photos are very powerful, especially those that genuinely show the Paramchaitanya. There's an extraordinary series from an early London puja, and also the famous series from the Indian village where the rays come from the sky onto Shri Mataji.

In the digital age anyone can digitally manipulate an image, so we need to be on our guard.

John Noyce
author of History Enlightened

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