Monday, 21 June 2010

News from The Divine Cool Breeze team

We sometimes get messages at The Divine Cool Breeze saying, "I would like to subscribe, but I have no way of paying you." And at other times we know that a lack of money is an issue of concern for many.

We would like to match up Sahaja Yogis who want to give a gift subscription with individuals and collectives who would cherish and benefit from such a gift.

The Divine Cool Breeze Exchange is the tool. With people telling us they want to give or they want to receive, we are setting out to assist in this matching up of Sahaja Yogis from around the world.

Also in the works or on the horizon for the magazine this year:

• "To the Seekers of Truth," a weekly distribution of 14 public meeting handouts taken from the pages of the magazine.

Issue 5, dedicated to the fundamentals of Sahaja Yoga – a magazine perfect for new Sahaja Yogis or as a reminder for all of us as to why we are here and what it's all about.

Issue 6: simply call it "18 Essential Photographs." You might easily imagine what might be included, but there will also be a few surprises. (Find out more about this one at
where you can also see some sample pages.)

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