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Public programs in Myanmar, June 2010

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Jai Shri Mataji!!

We are happy to share our experience and the details of the 3 Public Programmes that took place in Myanmar on June 20, June 22, 2010.

The first public programme took place in Sedona Hotel, Yangoon. Myanmar being a country still ruled by the Military, the Sahaj Yogies of Myanmar had to struggle a lot to get the permission for conducting a public programme. This public programme was almost cancelled and another public programme was scheduled in Yangoon on June 20, 2010; But at the last minute by the blessings of H.H.Shri Mataji, the situation turned and the political authorities gave a green signal to conduct the public programme in Sedona Hotel, Yangoon.

The Sahaj Yogies of Yangoon, Sagaing and Mandaly and the musicians from Pune meditated in the morning of June 20, 2010 and prayed for the successful and hurdle less execution of the scheduled public programmes. The Sedona Hotel Yangoon programme started around 4 pm. Sahaj bhajans were performed in front of the audience to create a spiritual environment. The audience was asked to keep their hands on their laps, close their eyes and put attention on the palms and the top of the head during the bhajans were performed.

Mrs.Celia Tanaka, Mr.Kim and Mr.Sen explained the audience about the subtle system, the chakras, their importance etc. The communication was in english as well as in Burmis language.

Once the audience was briefed about the subtle system, they were told the relation of the musical notes with the energy centers. The musicians sang the musical notes and got the same sung from the audience. The audience was also told to sing some “Alankars” (various combinations of the musical notes) along with the musicians. The 30 min musical session helped the audience in feeling the vibrations and feel calmness.

With this state of mind of all the audience, they were given self realization in a usual procedure. The audience had some ambassadors as well as some local political dignitaries from Myanmar, Philipines.

The complete 2-2.30 hrs public programme got recorded by two national news channels. The Myanmar Sahaj Yogies as well as the musicians were interviewed by the news channels for knowing more about Sahaj Yoga, its benefits, relation of music with Sahaj Yoga etc.

After the successful completion of the first public programme, all the Sahaj Yogies went in a Durga Temple in Yangoon, where almost 150 Indian origin localites were waiting to receive them for conducting the public programme.

This public programme also started with the briefing of Sahaj Yoga in English and Burmese language. After the briefing about Sahaj Yoga, few Sahaj bhajans were performed and the audience was asked to check the feelings on their palms and the top of the head. The audience was also asked to sing the musical notes along with the musicians. After the musical exercises, the audience was given self realization in the usual way and in Hindi language. Quite few of them felt calmness and peaceful after the programme. All of them were given the contact details of the local Sahaj yogis for further details.

Yangoon Sahaj yogis and the musicians travelled to Mandaly on June 21, 2010. The third public programme was scheduled in Sedona Hotel Mandalay on June 22, 2010 evening.

Almost 100 + new people gathered in the Amarpura Hall of Sedona Hotel Mandaly on June 22, 2010 evening. The programme started around 6pm. Mrs.Celia Tanaka, Mr.Kim and Mr.Sen briefed the audience about Sahaj Yoga in English and Burmis language. The audience was given the information about each energy center with the help of a slide show and the musicians sang Sahaj bhajan related to the respective energy center. The audience was asked to put their right hand on each energy center and left hand towards the photo of H.H. Shri Mataji while the Sahaj bhajan was being sung. The programme Sahaj Yoga briefing and the Sahaj bhajan singing continued up to 8pm. 7-8 new comers from the audience asked relevant question about Sahaj Yoga, Sahaj bhajans, relation of music with Sahaj meditation etc. The audience was given answers in English, Hindi and Burmis language.

With the successful public programme of Mandaly, the Sahaj yogis gathered in a city named Sagaing on June 23, 2010. About 10-15 Sahaj yogis of Sagaing, Mandaly and the musicians meditated together in a house in Sagaing and exchanged the Sahaj yoga experiences.

Sahaj Yoga is hardly 8-9 months old in Myanmar (barring some exceptions). With this background, a collective of almost 25-30 in Myanmar (Yangoon, Sagaing and Mandalay) is quite an appreciating achievement. We hope that the three public programmes will help strengthen the Myanmar collective.

The collective efforts of Myanmar, Australian and Indian Sahaj Yogies helped in the smooth and successful execution of the Sahaj Yoga public programmes in Myanmar.

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Rahul Kulkarni, Sandeep Dalal, Prajakta DhayadeMore photos: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

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