Sunday, 4 July 2010

CoolCheck team request to Yuvas worldwide

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To all the Yuva Shakti
Some of you may know that we are creating a website called CoolCheck, a meditation portal for young people all around the world to encourage them to meditate. We want them to see that how all of us have benefited from meditating and how easily it fits in our urban lifestyle. Here is a quick video we made to tell you more on the
We launch the site on Guru Puja 2010. So we are running against time to make this site ready. But we need your help now. We want as many testimonials as we can get of YuvaShakti to be on CoolCheck for the day of its launch. We have created a page where you can send us a happy photo of yours, tell us about yourself and why you meditate. But to make it even better .. we want new-comers to 'feel' our spirit.. and what better way than a quick video message.
We are looking forward to having lovely home-made videos of you that we can use. You can use your web-cam, or a video camera and record a message that you like. Ideally say your name, country, why you meditate or what have you gained from meditation. And hey this is for non-yogis.. so no Sahaj term : ) Sit in a good light so we can see your lovely bright smiling face. Once you're ready with your video message.. you can host it on Vimeo or YouTube (need to create a free account), or best upload it to a site called Rapidshare (no registration required - on the home page you can 'browse' your computer, select the file and click upload... once done, there is a Download link generated.. we need that link) once you're done uploading you can send us the link by following this Create-Your-Profile page -
If you can not make a video, no problem.. just visit the Create-Your_Profile page and fill in the rest of the details. Remember send us your best smiling photo : )
If you do not speak good Englihs... no problem. Just give it a go and if you make mistakes... keep going on. Its our vibrations and our enthusiasm the non-yogis will feel on why we meditate. And if you really want to do it in your language... no problem. We want it anyway : )
For now the site will be ready in English, Spanish, French and Italian. In the near future CoolCheck will be available in all the possible languages of the world : )
We're going live soon .. so please do it now : )
Send us your bandhans and love.. we need it
The CoolCheck Team
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