Friday, 9 July 2010

Pippi Longstocking tells children about Sahaja Yoga

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On June 16th there appeared Pippi Longstocking who came to visit orphanage "Hope" in one of the districts of Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia. She was wearing not an ordinary dress but an Indian Sari! You probably know that Pippi's father was a sea captain. Pippi has been to India recently and she has visited children of the orphanage together with her friends - the Ensemble of Indian classical music "Turiya"!
Pippi (Gulya Askerova acted her part perfectly) told the children about the traditions and culture of India, about a kind elephant-headed Ganesha and also about Protector-Goddess Durga. Soon all the kids were able to see the image of Durga expressed in a dance: Marina Zhuravleva danced in Kuchipudi style. Then the kids themselves tried to tell the whole story with the help of hastas - hand movements in Indian dances.
Marina was playing with the audience: she showed different animals (the way they are traditionally depicted in Indian dancing art) and then asked the kids to guess what each animal was. The little kids easily guessed a frog and an elephant, a horse and a little-goat.

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