Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Sahaj Life (answers)

Answers to the questions: What is the meaning of a "Sahaj Life" for you?

It is a life like "the life begins",

"the life begins" means

"the plants comes out of  mother earth in rainy season"

Sahaj life is like "the sahajis (plants) comes out from Shri Mataji (mother earth) in Sahaja Yoga (rainy season)

The life "without any effort yet very important and joyous" the life like  "the universe created by Adi Shakti" .



Sahaj life... is the only meaning of my life.

My life would be incomplete without the love and blessings of Shri Mataji....

She gave a new meaning to my life. For me... sahaj is my life.



The life Sahaj is Love



Sahaj Life for me is "where I every day start my morning meditation with my Husband and a Born realised child, and evening when we go to sleep, we have full satisfaction that we were able to spread Sahaja Yoga as much as we can, able to tell at least one person about Sahaja Yoga, we were within the collective and not alone, whole day was in meditative,

We have not hurt any person by our act or by our tongue, no greed, no jelous, no fight, just a love for each other.

And everyday of life just go on like this.

Even if there is turbulence, I should not shake and I will have Shri Mataji always in my heart and I can be always a small healthy cell in her body.


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