Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Sahaj Life (answers - part 2)

Sahaj life for me is not really related to Sahaja Yoga.

So it is not related to meditation or thoughtless, foot soak or ice-on-liver, puja or havan, mantra or bhajans, channels or chakras, deities, devas or ganas.

It means to do what you should when you should.

It means to laugh at a good joke, cry when something bad is happening, be a little left sided when you think of the past and a little right sided when you plan for tomorrow.

Dance at a party, sleep in the night, talk when somebody want to hear your opinion and keep your mouth shut otherwise.

Praise people most of the time, criticize when something good comes out of it, see what is good and bad in a situation, but forget them both after.

Get a bit of ego when you are praised, a little bit of super-ego when you are criticized but lose them soon (more or less :) )

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Anonymous said...

How beautifully and aptly put. It is Sahaj we live in the moment experiencing evrything to the fullest...specially the joy