Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Shri Guru Puja Seminar in Canajoharie (2010)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Recently we concluded the 2010 Shri Guru Puja Seminar in Canajoharie. This year, the total seminar lasted an amazing two weeks, and was a truly international event with many yogis and yogines flying or driving from all collectives of North America.

The first week started with a three-day Health Event, styled after the teachings of the Vashi doctors from the Sahaja Hospital in India. We did treatments such as foot soaking, candling, working on each other, and head massage. We learned a new treatment involving salt in the hands. At our Canadian Seminar in Camp Couchiching this fall, we would like to do some of these treatments again.

At the end of the week, the seminar transitioned into the Shri Guru Puja. On Saturday we had a powerful havan, where we cleansed ourselves for the Puja. That evening there was a large-scale entertainment program that featured Pt.Subranium and Dr.Bodanker performing Indian Classical Music and Dance. Many thought we were in Cabella!

The artists generously gave their time and conducted an Arts Camp two weeks previous to the seminar. The students of the artists performed their own compositions at the musical evening, which went well and impressed all.

The seminar reached it's peak on Sunday with the joyous worship of Shri Adi Guru. We all felt at home and everyone wanted to stay for a long time. The hanger was full -- and we estimate over 415 yogis registered for this wonderful puja.

Monday the Yuva's took over Canajoharie, with a seminar for 10-16 year olds, and have now recently wrapped up their exciting week.

A big thanks needs to go out for all of our brothers and sisters who worked to make this possible from Canada and the USA. It truly was a collaborative event and it should be noted that because of the great turnout, about $3000 has been donated to Canajoharie projects as a result of the seminar surplus.

Hope to see everyone next year, and take care,


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