Thursday, 19 August 2010

What is Sahaj Life (answer from Gautama)

To live in balance and harmony that comes from within and is naturally reflected outside, revealing a pure and simple joy that can be shared and enjoyed by everyone together.

This enriches life, brings satisfaction and peace, and warmth to the heart.

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Seema Sharma said...

Very true,Sahaja life is the most beautiful life a human being can lead.The prespective of looking at life and it's problems changes.We enjoy Nirvicharita,Nirananda stithi and we have love and compassion for every humanbeing because Mother resides is in our heart.She is the epitome of love and compassion.When u see goodness all around u,U can relate to nature and it responds to u.U feel as if u r in heaven.We r living in 'Nirmal Rajya'.