Monday, 20 September 2010

It's a play

This message is passed on from two Sahaja Yogis in Belgium

Dear everyone,

As you all know, Nik recently organised a great music camp with different musical workshops given by several Sahaj teachers. One of the activities on the music camp was writing and recording a new song. We did this collectively, with all the people who were there during the camp. The result is the joyful song 'It's a Play' and the artist name for the entire group of people became 'Yuva!'. As you will read in the lyrics below, the song promotes meditation as a way of life and the joy it brings. The people who contributed to this did a great job and can be really proud of the result!

The song is now already available on iTunes and can be purchased all over the world. If worldwide many people buy the song, there's a fair chance that it enters the charts and will be played on the radio. The profit will go to a Sahaj purpose: the Sahaj school in Cabella, where meditation is implied in the daily lessons. So spread the news, not only to your Sahaj friends, but to everyone you know!

Here is the link:

Jai Shri Mataji
Kenny & Marie-Joelle

PS. When you buy the song on iTunes, please don't forget to give it a rating (preferably the highest ;) and to write a review about it! This is a way of making publicity.

It's a Play – Yuva
Released Date : 03-09-2010
2010 Golden Elephant Records
(Lyrics written by Yuva, music by Kenny Clarys)
On the road...
Traffic's stuck and friends are waiting
The rain is pouring down

Back at home
I change my clothes, my pants don't fit no more
My favorite socks are gone!

Can my life get worse
Let's find out in the second verse
But my yogi friends would say

What you think (what you say)
What to write (what to feel)
What to eat (what to do)
Think about Let it flow
How you feel (what you see)
Where you sleep (what to cook)
Where you go, who you are
Doesn't matter whatever you do...
It's a play!

I'm alright
But all these little issues drive me wild
Can I get peace inside?

Why still hesitate
I guess it's time to meditate
As my yogi friends would say


Hear the silence....

I feel joy!
I feel peace!
I feel love!
And I want you to know
Where you go, who you are
Doesn't matter whatever you think (what you say)

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