Friday, 3 September 2010

My special power is to fight fear, sadness and pain with music.

"My name is The Peaceful Warrior. And my special power, is to fight fear, sadness and pain with music."

Rishi was born with no working kidneys. Music took him out beyond the limits of his life. He spent most of his childhood tethered to machines, until his mom gave him a Mother’s Day gift three years ago: one of her kidneys. Two days later, Rishi turned 5.

“I could hear him shout,” mom Mary Lyn Nair recalls. “ ‘I’m free! I’m free! I’m absolutely FREE!’ They took the IVs out and he asked, ‘Where’s my drum?’"

(excerpt from "8-year-old superhero wields great power: Music")

Now, Rishi is amazing the world with his music:

read more about Rishi (8) here:

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