Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Divine Cool Breeze subscriptions for 2011 are now on sale

What will next year have in store for the magazine? Right now, the entire year is not mapped out, but we can say that the first issue will include a feature about the Gifts of God -- an article, as always, entirely composed with words of Shri Mataji.

Later in the year you will see the long-awaited ABC issue (A is for aarti, B is for bhakti), which is a magazine that could be used as a primer for children, or as a picture book for for all of us.

These two issues will only be available in the 2011 subscription package and only available at www.divinecoolbreeze.org.

And right now, a special pricing is on offer. One 2011 subscription is, as always, $33. But two subscriptions together are only $58. That’s about 25% off.

Additionally, while you waiting for 2011 to get here, we will send you a free back issue for each subscription purchased.

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