Monday, 18 October 2010

The North East Asian Tour

The Hosting Countries of Shri Ganesha Puja are announcing the North East Asian Tour
which commences this weekend.

A bhajan group from Romania, and Yogis from around the world  have kindly offered their time to attend the Tour and to help with the spread of Your message of joy and love to all seekers of the world.
The Taiwan collective is pleased to announce the first part of the Tour being the Jago Taiwan tour of
Taiwan. Traveling once around the island, accompanied by the visiting Romanian Bhajan Team.

They will be spreading Mother's blessings to 5 cities in Taiwan. Michael Stainforth and the
Taiwan collective have worked hard to preparing everything for the Tour.


    * Oct 17th Taipei City Assembly Hall - Taipei
    * Oct 18th Indigenous Culture Hall - Hualien
    * Oct 19th Indigenous Meeting Hall - Taitung
    * Oct 20th Chiayi Commercial Professional School Auditorium - Chiayi
    * Oct 21st National Chin Hua University He-Chin Hall, HsinChu
    * Oct 22nd 228 Public Park - Taipei

This is the first tour of Taiwan to completely circle the island in a Bhandan of Love.

With one heart full of devotion and dedication to Shri Mataji, the Japanese collective is also
pleased to announce our participation to the North Asian Tour.  Hitoshi Igawa and the
Japanese collective are  organising various collective activities including Program and
Bhajan concerts   The itinerary is:


    * Oct 24th Nishi Shinjuku Harmonic Hall - Shinjuku, Tokyo
    * Oct 26th Collective Puja at Hachioji - Tokyo
    * Oct 28th Parthenon Tama - Tama City - Tokyo

This is a truly international collective Sahaj event taking place in Japan.
There is also the desire to host the first public program in Korea Oct 29th and 30th Seoul.

Alex Henshaw  and a team of Hong Kong Yogis are currently in Korea doing all the
incredible preparatory work for the programs to be hosted. It is an incredible work
they are accomplishing.

Oct 29th     First Public Program Seoul Oct 30th     Second Public Program Seoul

This will be the first introduction of Sahaja Yoga in Korea
We acknowledge the efforts of the Yogis of Taiwan, Japan and Hong Kong who have all
worked in a very dedicated fashion to make this dream come true. We thank the Romanian
bhajan group for traveling in support, and providing all the music for the programs, and
their efforts.
We also acknowledge the generous financial assistance of the Australian collective, and the
financial contributions made by each of the Australian State Councils,  which helped provide
important support for  the Tour.

Shri Ganesha Puja Hosting Countries

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