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Realize Turkey 2010 - with 7,200 realizations!

From: Dara 

Dear uncles aunties, brothers sisters,

It's finally after just over a month that I manage to sit down and finish writing this little resume about our amazing experience in Turkey...

Please check the tour's blog for a more detailed day-to-day resume and all the amazing pictures (so many good ones that we couldn't choose which one to put here...)



Realise Turkey 2010 

We were three yuvas from the UK to go to Turkey for just under a month and take part in the UN-sponsored World Youth Congress and Realise Turkey tour. Overall we gave 7,200 realisations through music and dance programmes, workshops, en masse realisation and one to one meditations. 

The World Youth Congress is a United Nations sponsored event which happens every two years gathering 1,500+ young activists, journalists, artists and entrepreneurs from more than 150 different countries. They spend two weeks together taking part in a series of workshops, seminars, conferences, cultural events, and action projects. The main goal of the congress is to empower young people to bring change to their community and help achieve the Millenium Goals set but the United Nations (i.e. eradicate poverty, improve maternal health, reduce child mortality, improve literacy, improve global partnership etc...), and those two weeks are a great opportunity for these people to network and team up with other like-minded people with whom they will be able to work on projects at a later stage.

Out of these 1,500 people, 10 yuvas got selected and applied to hold workshops, cultural performances as well as to have a stall in the exhibition hall. We were known as the "Meditate to Regenerate" youth-led organisation which promoted meditation to help people bring their attention inside, achieve a state of silence and peace, regenerate and enable them to become even more dynamic. It also helped achieve the millennium goal by improving global partnership, the many health benefits helped to improve maternal health and the many sahaj projects around the world helped towards achieving universal primary education and many other goals. 

We printed T-Shirts with the "Meditate to Regenerate" logo as well as business cards, banners, and most importantly a seekers' pack which include documentation about meditation, Shri Mataji, a how to do it at home guide as well as a CD with a guided meditation and Indian music.

From day one we started talking to people about meditation and making them try it everywhere and anywhere and the response was amazing. People are so earnest to find a solution to reduce stress and bring their attention inside in order to feel peace. These are very dynamic and often intellectual young individuals who sometimes suffer from putting their attention too much outside, so they were really interested in what we had to offer.

Because ten of us were wearing the T-Shirt with the same logo, giving the same business cards and all working in different directions, by day two everyone knew who we were. They'd either talked to us, seen us from far with our T-Shirts or got our business cards or seen them carried by their friends with their badge. It thus became so effortless to talk because people would just come up to us really curious about what we did and wanted to try it out. 

We organised daily morning meditations at 7am for 30-40min where we had 7-8 new people attending. Having given realisation to many of the organisers, they also wanted to attend the meditations but had a meeting at 7:30am, so they would be waiting for us from 6:45 onwards (that's how desperate they were!).

  We also held 3 workshops: Health Meditation (80 people attended), Education Meditation (60 people attended) and Music Meditation (60 people attended). The exhibition hall was open for the first 5 days so we could give realisation all day from 10am to 8pm and there was a very lively flow of new people coming, all experiencing very strong meditations. We also had the opportunity to perform twice on the congress's big stage for the cultural awareness events and many times we would spontaneously start playing bhajans anywhere in the campus and a crowd would form itself around us. Overall, for the World Youth Congress we managed to give around 900 realisations.

We came back to Istanbul's ashram on the 13th and met all our dear other brothers and sisters that would come on the tour. We were 40 yuvas strong coming from Turkey, Russia, Romania, Italy, Austria, France, Belgium, Holland, USA, UK, Australia and Germany (forgive me if I forget any other!). We flew the following day to Izmir, which is South-West of Turkey and started the tour on the Western coast of the country. 

The tour was 10 days of amazingly deep joy, bliss and fun.... we stayed in a beautiful hotel by the sea, so we could go in the morning and have collective footsoaks and shoebeating before diving into the waters. We would have a clearing out workshop and puja everyday around 12pm and then we would go to different towns in the afternoon. There we would give realisations in the streets, vibrate the area and would start the evening programme around 7pm. The stage was often in a busy pedestrian area outdoors, so people would hear us from the other side of seafront and come to see us. This is when we gave the most realisations. We would sing 3-4 bhajans, a crowd of 100-200 people would gather around the stage, then we would give self-realisation translated in Turkish, then there would be a classical Indian dance, some more bhajans, a new crowd would form itself, we would give again self-realisation, another bollywood dance, and so on until 11pm or 12am. Then we would eat, go back to the hotel, have a footsoak in the sea, 1am swimming, and go to bed. Turkey has a Mediterranean weather and the sea, despite being incredibly salty is very warm, even at night, so it was a great way of clearing out from the day's programme. This is how we would easily give 600 realisations in one day, with 40 of us.

We realised the importance of clearing out before giving realisation or doing a public programme, because apart from just giving realisation, there is a massive job that is done on the subtle level, by just being there and absorbing the area's negativity. We could see a big difference when for some of the days we had to rush and didn't give enough time for personal clearing out and meditations, the direct result was that very few people would come and listen to us or get their self-realisation and every step was a struggle. So what really attracted people was the purity of our vibrational state.

We were told by the aunties who organised the tour that so many incredible things worked effortlessly. And prior to the tour, each time we would present something about Meditate to Regenerate or Realise Turkey to Mother, during the same hour when Mother had her attention on it, something would work out in Turkey. For example, all the hotels were sponsored by the government. The mayor of Istanbul being quite pro-Sahaja Yoga, allowed us to have a stage in the middle of Istanbul in one of the busiest locations where usually nobody is allowed to perform there. 

In Turkey, every municipality has a fund for tourism each year, and seeing us as a great international opportunity to promote Turkey, many a times they paid for our coaches, food, stage and sound system. The vibrations were so strong that any time there was a problem and we would give a bandhan, it would work out within minutes. Once during a programme there were two lousy drunkards which were being a nuisance and preventing people from getting self-realisation. We gave a bandhan and within two minutes, a police van arrived just behind them, grabbed them inside and drove away.

The experience of those 10 days was similar to that of a mobile ashram. When you're 40 realised souls in one place, everything becomes effortless and giving self-realisation feels like playing a mischievous prank. People are so amazed and it is so easy... :)

7,200 realisations later, we came back to Istanbul ashram and were greeted by the Turkish collective for a barbecue and raksha bandhan ceremony. The atmosphere was full of joy and laughter from sharing stories from the tour and enjoying each other's collectivity. 2010 has been a really special year, where so many people got their self-realisation. There has been so many tours, Realise USA, Realise Asia, Realise Turkey, Realise Austria and many more. October will see Realise UK....  coming home now! :)


Jai Shri Mataji!!!

Lots of love,
Jivana :)

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Rimma said...

WOW i was reading your story with a great interest and joy. you guys did a really great job. i am just curious do u have plans to take tours all over the world??? jay shri mataji