Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Sahaja Yoga in Holland

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

On September 15th Dutch Sahaja Yogis gave self realisation to 12,000 women attending a special Ladies Night at a chain of cinemas in Holland.

Every month these cinemas organize a Ladies Night, which attracts thousands of women each time. On September 15th the movie Eat Pray Love was screened, a movie in which a woman, in crisis after her divorce, decides to go on a journey “to find herself again.” Among other places, she travels to India where she learns how to meditate.

One of the Sahaja Yogis was responsible for organising this event, and came up with the idea to have a small adapted Sahaja Yoga meditation, minutes before the movie starts. In a truly collective effort, with the help of our Belgian brothers and sisters, Sahaja Yogis managed to be present in 29 auditoriums in 18 cinemas in 15 cities throughout The Netherlands.

With more screenings in the following weeks, a total of 12.000 ladies will have received their Self realisation. At the end of the evening all women attending received a “goodie bag” which included a Sahaja Yoga brochure announcing meditation courses in various cities throughout the country.

It was an amazing sight to see a huge cinema packed with ladies, all with their hands raised above their heads to feel the cool breeze. They were very positive and clapped enthusiastically after the short meditation. We really felt Shri Mataji’s presence working through us.

It was an incredible evening on which so many of us (brothers and sisters alike) conquered their shyness, standing up in front of sold-out cinema halls, asking the public to connect with their Spirit. Many of us felt transformed by the experience and realised that every one of us is able to be channels for Sri Mataji.

In this year in which we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of Sahaja Yoga in Holland, this evening not only was a gift from us to our Holy Mother, but also a gift from Shri Mataji to us. We were blessed to experience the power of collective action and will cherish this as an inspiration for years to come.

Thank you, Shri Mataji, for making this possible.


With all our love, the Sahaja Yogis of Holland

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