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Shri Mataji about bandhan

Attachment doesn't mean in any way that you have to give Me anything. What do you give Me? Nothing but detachment from the cause. And this works out. You have seen it in your lifetime. You also say that it works out. "Mother, somehow it worked out."

What is bandhan? It is nothing but you are attaching yourself to your Mother. You are just telephoning to Her. It is a telephone going to your Mother, that's all.

You know I also play with you. I also say, "All right, I am giving you a bandhan." I am giving a bandhan to Myself. It is a telephone call, just a telephone call. But the faith has developed now that, yes, this is the real faith where you get completely detached in your emotional things. "It is just my mother. All right, just give her a bandhan, finished. My father – give him a bandhan. My brother – give him a bandhan," whatever it is.

Bandhan, whatever it is, you are putting them in the bonds of your Mother. But you are not conscious that you are doing that. You are just binding them with the love of your Mother which is flowing through your hands.

What are these vibrations? It is your Mother's love. You have got it. It is flowing through you. But what about your love for your Mother? And that is what I find, that at the time when there is a complete emergency, that surrender comes in and it works.

Quote from Shri Jesus Puja, Hounslow, UK (1984-11-23)

All right, you all sit down and give bandhan, all of you, give bandhan together for this problem and it will be solved. Any kind of a basic problem which is corroding the life of people in any country can be solved very simply. For example, I was in Italy and they told Me that, "Mother, there's so much of corruption in Italy, what do we do about it?" They're Sahaja Yogis. I said, "All right, you give a bandhan." They gave a bandhan, you know half of the people are now in jail, it has worked.

So this bandhan works very well and you have to use this bandhan for all kinds of big problems in the collective, any national problems or international problems, you can work it out on your bandhans and really you can solve the problems. It's not so difficult, I must say it's not so difficult. Giving bandhan is a very good thing, works out in such a tremendous way and so efficiently, very efficiently it works out. It is doing it's very different because they will say, "All right, I want to do it, then on the normal post you must pay so much money to the god or do this penance and penance." For you it is very simple, you just give a bandhan. But for problems which are collective problems you must give a collective bandhan, whichever are personal you can give personal bandhan.

I've already told that those who are going out of their houses must take a bandhan before leaving because you're going out, God knows what sort of people there are, to begin with.

1996 Talk to Sahaja Yogis in Malaysia

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