Wednesday, 17 November 2010

20 years from the first visit of Shri Mataji in Romania

Here are some photos and excerpts from Shri Mataji's visits to Romania.

I asked them what is Bucharest. They said Buchur means “joy”. If this is the state of joy, you can very easily achieve. (07/21/1992)

Romania, it seems to be a very auspicious and a holy country. Ramana in Sanskrit means “The one enjoyment in the bliss of God”. (09/07/1993)


I think Romania is a place where people are genuinely seeking the Truth. They are not so materialistic, they are not hypocritical. (09/02/1994)


It seems Romania is a special place where there are so many seekers of Truth. And very deep and truthful they are about it.

I don’t know but people in Romania are really extremely sensitive for spirituality. In Sanskrit language, Raman means “to enjoy”. So now, above all you have to enjoy yourself, others and the Divine blessings.


There’s some sort of a musical atmosphere in Romania, I think. Because when you all sing also, you sing it in a very melodious tune. Like celestial music, that was sung long time back, I feel has come back to Romania.

They used to say that the music that was appealing to God was done by gandharvas and I find those gandharvas are in Romania only. If Nabhi Chakra is the Black Sea and that in Greece Athena lived, then all this area must have been the area that is described as Heaven in India. And must have been the olden days when people of Romania or of Greece must be singing praise of God. It seems that these great gandharvas are born again in your country.

Ramana word, in Sanskrit, means “those who enjoy the spiritual life”. If Romania has come out of that word I can see clearly how you are enjoying spiritual life. (08/02/1995)

Excerpt from the Romanian blog


Anonymous said...

Gosh is it 20 yrs already! Romanians are such lovely Sahaja Yogis. So sweet and humble, always just get on with it without causing problems for others.

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