Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Christams Puja Information (2010)

message from Foundation:

By now you know that Christmas Puja will be celebrated in Genova this year from the 28th to the 31st December. We are now writing to you, on behalfo of the puja organisers, to give you more information about the organization of the event.
Complete information can be found on the dedicated Christmas Puja website http://puja.sahajayoga.it. Here below is a brief summary.
A VERY IMPORTANT aspect of this puja that everyone should know is that only those people who book in advance will be provided with meals in the camp. This is because we are relying on outside catering and we have to give them exact numbers.
Advance bookings must reach us by Monday 20th December using the online Pre-registration Form, available on the puja website.
People will be charged according to the meals they consume, in addition to the basic puja fee.
People may choose to sleep in the puja hall (a large sports hall) at no extra cost.
For Sahaja Yogis wishing to stay in hotels, certain hotels in Genova are prepared to offer us a special deal. Visit the puja website for more information. Hotel accommodation is NOT included in the price of the puja.
Western Countries
Developing Countries
EUR 80 + guru dakshina
EUR 50 + guru dakshina
Children - 12 to 18
EUR 40 + guru dakshina
EUR 25 + guru dakshina
Children - 6 to 11
EUR 20 + guru dakshina
EUR 20 + guru dakshina
Please note: food is NOT included. If you wish to eat you need to book your meals in advance using the online  Pre-registration Form.
For all transport requests please write an email to transport.cabella@gmail.com. Please include flight numbers and return details.
All transport requests must reach us before midnight 24th December.
Foundation Newsletter Team

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