Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Invitation to Christmas Puja (2010)

Dear brothers and sisters,

Once again we find ourselves overflowing with joy. For the second year in-a-row, Our Divine Mother has granted us the great blessing of celebrating Christmas Puja in Europe. We would like to invite you to share with us another extraordinary sahaj event!!

There's no need to underline the amazing wave of vibrations created by last year’s puja in Rome. Still today we are experiencing the incredible clearing effect on this beautiful city of great subtle significance. This year Shri Mataji has chosen to let us celebrate the most glorious birth of Shri Jesus in another beautiful place of significance, the fascinating city of Genoa in Italy which the Goddess has chosen as one of Her Divine Abodes.

This year the explosion of collective joy will be concentrated in four unforgettable days. The program, subject as always the will of Our Divine Mother, is as follows:

· 28th, Tuesday: Christmas Puja with Shri Mataji
· 29th, Wednesday: Evening music program
· 30th, Thursday: Ceremony of the Sahaj Marriages
· 31st, Friday: New Year’s Eve celebration with Shri Mataji

Also on this occasion we are planning daily tours to discover the famous masterpieces of Mother Nature that surround Genova; from the enchanting Cinque Terre to the European Shri Ganesha's swayambhu of Matterhorn

Very soon we will provide you with all the information you need about hotels, prices, puja costs and how to send your deposit. For the moment, we just want to confirm the event for you so that you can mark it down in your calendar.

The flag of Genoa is a St George's Cross, a red cross on a lime white field, identical to the Flag of England. Does this mean that the Genoa is of special significance in the relationship between the Soul (Italy) and the Spirit (England)? Will the celebration of this holy puja in Genoa unleash the power of St George within us against the destructive force of the dragon?

Join us for Christmas and New Year Puja at the Lotus Feet of Our Mother and find out.

We look forward to being together with you all in Her Divine Embrace.

With love,
The Italian Collective

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