Monday, 22 November 2010

Virata Puja in Noida in Her Holy presence of Shri Mataji

excerpts from Virata Puja in Noida (

At 3:00 PM evening itself the venue had an overwhelming gathering of yogis. It was indeed amazing to see such a beautiful campus of prestigious school campus in Noida to host such a large gathering. All the calculations and estimations of the organizers failed when an extraordinary gathering of more than thiry thousand flooded the ApeeJay school campus. This was for the first time such a large gathering was ever recorded in any puja in the Holy presence of Shri Mataji. Yogis had come all the way from geographically distant places from India and abroad, besides the local collective of Delhi NCR. The meditation started with the three mahamantras around 4.30pm in the evening. It was followed by Bhajans.

The holy arrival of Shri Mataji in the venue was marked by display of fire crackers and sound of conch to welcome Mother on to the stage at around half past five. This was followed by the ‘Swagatam’ welcome bhajans sung by the choir. Shri Mataji was as radiant as ever and looked deep into the Spirits of the collective waiting for the puja protocols to commence for worshiping Her in Her Virata form. Coordinators in group of fours were invited on stage to offer flower at Her Holy Lotus Feet to perform the Shri Ganesha Puja with Shri Ganesha Atharvasheersham. This was followed by a series of bhajans as the Virata Puja commenced. It started with Ganesha Stuti – Hema Ja Sutam Vaje, subsequently the Devi Puja was offered with the 108 Holy names of Shri Mataji – Jago Savera Aaya. This was followed by Shingar bhajan Hasat Ali, Jaya Hey Jaya Hey Jaya Hey Devi, Tujha Pujani. A special bhajan in praise of Shri Krishna, based on village folklore – Mere Chhtosey Kanhaiya. The shingar concluded with the Vishwa Vandita and with offering of garlands at Her Holy Feet.

Finally the puja concluded with the Aarti and recital of the three Mahamantra at quarter to seven. Immediately after the puja the curtains were drawn close, signaling the Holy departure of Shri Mataji. But to everyone’s surprise the curtain was withdrawn for a longer period Darshan of Shri Mataji to the overwhelming gathering of over 30 thousand yogis waiting with all desires in heart to have the Holy glimpse of Shri Mataji for as long as they could. Subsequently a single gift on behalf of the India collective was offered at Her Holy Feet. Also the recently released sahaj magazine - Sahaj News - by the trustee was offered at Her holy Feet. Later the musical choir was requested to sing Sat Janam Jo Punya Kiye Hain in Her Holy praise of Shri Mataji.

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