Thursday, 30 December 2010

Christmas Celebration (Genova) - 2010 - second night

Dear all,

Another beautiful day here in Genova has come to an end. We had the first music program last night which gave us the occasion to appreciate the multifold artistic talents of our children, yuvas, brothers and sisters. Victor Vertunni from Italy was the master of ceremony and his enthusiasm and loving attention on each artist made us enter full of joy into the universe of sahaj art and culture. He told us that Shri Mataji had graciously agreed to receive some of the artists in Her house in Genova before the evening program.

The evening started with the youngest members of our collective, the little children of the Borotin school who had prepared a beautiful video in the school of Borotin to show us a play about the birth of Shri Jesus. It was so sweet to see the little ones full of joy and involvement singing and dancing in their beautiful costumes. This was really a highlight of the evening and Victor took the occasion to thank the uncles, aunties and teachers of Borotin for their dedication to the school. The Borotin school children were followed by the Italian Bhajans group of Milan who rendered some beautiful bhajans.

Then there was a short presentation of Gunther Thurner, member of the World Foundation, to give us a detailed overlook of the work in the World Center in Cabella through its operating body, the World Foundation. He focused on three main themes pointing out that the World Center was the embodiment of the sahaj collectivity. The first issue was about the work of the World Foundation and how yogis could find detailed answers to their questions about incoming money, use of money in Cabella, etc. on the website of the World Foundation which should be much more consulted by the yogis. For example a very detailed budget report 2010 prepared by Robert Hunter, the General Manager, is now available on the website, in the appendix section of the website which answers many questions yogis might have.

Then Gunther addressed the second issue about what had happened in Cabella during the year 2010. Again there is a report accessible to all yogis, "Activities and realisations 2010 in Cabella" and he added that 2010 had been a year of incredible blessings of Shri Mataji for Cabella as never before so many pujas had taken place in the World Center. Then Gunther gave details of the work that had been carried out during the year by many volunteers and professional workers as well to improve the site of Cabella, to do necessary repair work in the castle. Numbers can be very impressive when Gunther told us that around 30000 yogis have attended pujas this year in Cabella. He was inviting yogis to dedicate time to the collective by volunteering in Cabella which was an unforgettable experience and occasion to grow in Sahaja Yoga.

The third point that Gunther presented to us and that had already been addressed in a yogis meeting this summer in Cabella, was to find answers what could be the vision of Shri Mataji for the World Center in Cabella. The results of this meeting will soon be presented on a new website which is still under work and which will be called "Open Sahaj space". It is designed to allow yogis to communicate freely with the World Foundation and other yogis worldwide, there will be blogs added to allow more interactivity and to give feedback to sahaj events organised in Cabella.

Then the evening program went on. Victor was shortly talking about the sahaj school in Cabella and about a beautiful CD that the children had recorded with Christmas Carols. Some songs had already been played the day before at the end of Christmas Puja. He also thanked the teachers and staff of the school and told us that the recording had been done with the Sahaja Yoga children but as well as with some pupils of the local school.

The next highlight of the evening was the beautiful bhajans of the Hong Kong collectivity. What an artistic skill and beautiful rendering of our favorite bhajans like Namo Namo Maria. They got a long applause for their performance and we saw the shining beautiful faces of our brothers and sisters.

Then the main artists of the evening were welcomed by Victor as they had come back from Shri Mataji's house in Genova, members of the PK Salve Music Academy with Pt.B. Subramaniam as vocal singer accompanied on the tablas by the tabla player of Nirmal Sangeet Sarita and another yogi artist on the harmonium. A most beautiful firework of vibrations was showering on us when they presented several ragas and bhajans. Such a joy to hear these great artists performing for us.

Night had quickly gone ahead and we were reaching the last part of the evening which would transport us to the highest top of spiritual enjoyment. It was a collective artistic work of TEV (Theatre of Eternal Values) members, the great artist and gospel singer Rachelle Jeanty from Canada, and a chorus of Sahaja Yogis that had come together during the day under the name of "Nativity Gospel Choir" with some more yogis like David from France on the guitar. First, Rachel was singing some well know Christmas Carols for us. Her cristal-clear voice was leading us to emotional and vibrational heights, such a beautiful rendering. Then they were presenting us the Birth of Shri Jesus Christ in such a beautiful and deep sahaj way starting with Victor who read parts of the Genesis, the Mahavishna Puranas and other beautiful composition of the Divine creation of Shri Jesus in the universe. His rendering was accompanied by slides that were projected on the scene. Then there was a most heart touching rendering of Purna and her son who were presenting the Announciation of Gabriel to Shri Mary in a beautiful dance, again highlighted by the projection of famous paintings of the world's most renowned artists. Vibrations were flowing so intensely ... Then Purna continued to dance with the newborn Jesus in her arms who had been taken from the Nativity scene of last night's pujas. Again the paintings of Shri Mary and Jesus the Child in the various masterpieces of art were projected and Purna was joined then by a group of Yuva Shakti girls in beautiful angels' costumes who offered a dance to us of the celebration of the angels of Christ's birth. Then Rachel and the Nativity Gospel Choir joined in and ended the evening by a most touching rendering of the famous "Let it be". And we all felt that there was only one eternal answer to the spiritual quest expressed in the song : "Mother is the answer, let it be, let it be."

Thus a beautiful artistic program ended with a deep meditation, we were singing the 3 Sahasrara Mantras to praise Shri Mataji and to thank Her in our heart for the unending bliss that She keeps showering on us, for Her Divine compassion that expresses towards Her children .... "Mother is the answer", let the whole world know about it!

Jai Shri Mataji

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