Friday, 31 December 2010

Christmas Puja (2010) - Marriages

Dear all,

And again last night, the most awaited moment of the sahaj marriages had arrived. 37 couples, newly or remarried in Sahaja Yoga, thus celebrated "the day of their life" with all their brothers and sisters wishing them good luck and a happy married life for many many years to come. It's a special and very busy day for the brides and the bridegrooms as we know. Already the night before at the end of the music program, the girls had started with the Mendi ceremony. So it was easy to find out the next morning who would be going to marry because our Indian sisters had created real masterpieces of art on the brides' hands. Many of us had already the occasion to assist at Sahaj marriage ceremonies and we easily will agree that even if the ceremony follows always the same pattern starting with the Haldi ceremony in the morning, it is each time a highlight of collective rejoicing, each time we are deeply touched and so thankful to Shri Mataji to allow us to get married in Sahaja Yoga and as "spectators" to live a day of tremendous vibrations and auspiciousness.

When the Sahaja Yogis gathered at the end of the afternoon in the hall, lot of preparation work had already been done, the fireplaces arranged and decorated in a beautiful way. The brides had left at about 6 pm to go to Shri Mataji's house to offer a Puja and to pray for Shri Mataji's blessings for a fulfilled and happy married life. We could partly follow the retransmission from Shri Mataji's house in Genova when the bridegrooms arrived shortly afterwards to offer their surrender to Shri Mataji's Holy Lotusfeet.

As usual, it was a heart touching moment when brides and bridegrooms came back to the hall to take their positions on both sides of the curtain with excited family members who were awaiting "the" great and important moment in the life of their children. After taking the three Sahasrara Mantras, the permission was asked symbolically to Shri Mataji to start the ceremony. Even though Shri Mataji was not present in Her physical form, Her loving attention on the future couples was so much felt in our hearts. Then the ceremony started by the recital of the first stanzas and the most cheerful moment when the brides and bridegrooms were garlanding each other and led to their respective havan places. Both of them then were rendering their sahaj marriage vows by promising to lead a mariage in the respect and acceptance of Vishwa Nirmala Dharma by surrendering and dedicating their marriage to Shri Mataji. Such a flow of vibrations when at the end of the ceremony, all Sahaja Yogis applauded the newly married couples. In these moments, heaven on earth is a reality.

It was announced to the couples that they would have the privilege to receive their marriage gifts on the next evening when Shri Mataji would be present for the celebration of the New Year so that they could bow down to Shri Adi Shakti. Each couple was then invited to come up to the stage and after doing Namaskar to recite a poem with the name of the bride and the bridegroom. Such a joyful moment, many proved to be great artists, and Reine from Finland who was guiding this part of the marriage ceremony was definitely the right person on his place, bubbling with joy, finding the right words to support the shy ones, making us all laugh with his encouraging comments, a real sahaj "entertainer" in the best sense of the word.

What would a sahaj marriage ceremony be without music, bhajans et dancing? It was Qawali time and what a time we had. Nicki Wells and her twin sister together with Reine from Finland (who is a great musician as well) were lighting a firework of music, such beautiful voices, such a powerful expression of music and joy. So first Sahaja Yogis started to dance but it did not take long time that the newly married couples were joining us. And as always the night was still young, for a long time the music and dance was going on celebrating this moment of bliss and joy.

Let's pray for many successful marriages and wish them all the best. Tomorrow night, more engagements will be announced .... Shri Mataji has allowed so many yogis to get married and even if it might be sometimes a difficult time at the beginning, even if some marriages might not work which also is part of the collective and individual cleansing and way to grow, these magical moments are forever kept in our hearts. Moments where Shri Mataji is allowing us to strive for perfection, is creating the union of souls whose potential She knows and to feel how Shri Mataji is trusting Her children to do their best to create happy and joyful families to invite the realised souls to take their birth on this earth.

Jai Shri Mataji

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