Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Christmas Puja in Genova (first impressions) - 2010

Dear all,

This is a first impression of tonight's Christmas Puja which saw lots and lots of yogis united together to worship our Holy Mother in Her form of Shri Jesus. As Robert had put it just before the puja, last year we had luxury, this year we have to keep in mind that Christ was born in a simple stable .... So this year, yogis have gathered in a much simpler place, a university sport hall in very beautiful green surroundings. Night might have been difficult for one or the other but as soon as yogis meet together, the joy to meet our brothers and sisters at such an auspicious occasion, makes us easily forget any discomfort.

It was a morning of settling down, of preparing the hall for the great puja. It's amazing to see each time how a simple and austere place can transform into a beautiful scenery to welcome Shri Mataji. The stage was beautifully decorated with a huge poster showing Michelangelo's Christ of his famous "Last judgement" surrounded by rays of vibrations. Beautiful arrangements with red flowers and the native scene of Christ's birth in one corner of the stage, and cascades of little lights, with the handmade white little 'napperons' (I can't remember the English word) that are floating on top of the stage like joyful snowflakes.

All yogis are ready for the puja at about 5 pm and we are watching together one of the many Christmas Puja talks with which Shri Mataji has blessed us during all these many years. After the Sahasrara mantras and some bhajans, we merrily are welcome Shri Mataji who is arriving at the Puja place at about 6:30 pm. Hearts are beaming when we see Shri Mataji entering the stage and the yoginis offering the welcome Aarti to Her. A beautiful garland of white and red flowers is offered by two yoginis to Shri Mataji's Lotusfeet.

The Christmas Puja is starting with the children who offer flower petals to Shri Mataji. Such a sweet sight to see them all gathering in a very well behaving manner to go up to the scene and to bow to Shri Mataji. The atmosphere is filled with the beaming joy of Shri Ganesha. Then the Yuvas are invited as well to come up to the stage which is quite unusual and we are all so moved and surprised to see so many yuvas lining up, hundreds of yuvas, with shining faces, so beautifully dressed. It is like if a wave of sahaj future is showing up on the horizon, there is so much hope in this bright future of our beloved children whom Shri Mataji has blessed so much. They are also offering flower petals to Shri Mataji's Lotusfeet and heaps of beautiful flowers are thus arranged to worship our Holy Mother.

Shri Mataji then seems to enter into a state of sleep and there is a deep silence that carries our desire not to disturb our Mother. Then softly voices are rising to sing traditional Christmas carols to praise the birth of Shri Jesus Christ. Our hearts feel so much united when all yogis join in to sing 'Silent night, Holy night', the rejoicing and thankfulness to share these precious moments ....

When some yoginis come up to the stage to offer the Puja by decorating Shri Mataji's Feet, we feel that something particular is happening and words are missing to express the possible meaning. Shri Mataji had already started before to lift Her right Foot in our direction and now She is holding Her right Foot up and then pulling it back quite strongly so that it is fully covered by Her Saree. The ladies who have started to decorate Shri Mataji's Feet with Kumkum, are facing a very new situation because it becomes more and more impossible to touch Shri Mataji's right Foot. Only anklets can be put and the Swastika be put, then the yoginis have to accept that no further jewelry can be offered to Shri Mataji's Feet and they end this part of the Puja by putting a plate with flowers underneath Shri Mataji's Lotusfeet. And again, several times, Shri Mataji is strongly lifting Her right Foot and putting it back. We can only pray Shri Mataji to help us to absorb or to understand any message that She might have conferred to us in this way as we know that a Puja is moving Universes as soon as Shri Adi Shakti may move any part of Her Holy Body.

We then get up to praise Shri Mataji with the first verse of the Aarti and the third Sahasrara Mantra. The atmosphere is filled with awe and love as we bow down to Shri Mataji to worship Her in Her form of Shri Jesus. It always seems a bit quick that the puja ends and that yogis of the various countries come to the stage to offer their presents. Shri Mataji has stayed with us until each gift has been presented, beautiful handicraft, often handmade, gifts of children, beautiful flower arrangements. The list of the future marriages that will be announced right after the end of the Puja, are offered by the marriage Comitee to Shri Mataji. There is a lot of applauding for countries like Iran, for the African continent, for all the places that we know in difficult situations. There is a group of Chinese yogis and we are told that there are at least 600 yogis now in China.

When the last present is offered to Shri Mataji, we know that time has come to bid farewell for tonight to our beloved Mother. A deep silence spreads and the soft tunes of the last bhajan is accompanying Shri Mataji to the entrance of the hall. Before Shri Mataji is leaving the stage, Her chair is pushed towards the beautiful Native Scenery of the Holy Family and Christ the Child. And then our last JAI SHRI MATAJI's echo in the air before we collectively bow down.

After Shri Mataji's departure at about 9 pm, excitement is rising as the newly married couples will be announced. Moments of emotion and joy, collective rejoicing, difficult to remember the full names without fearing to make mistakes. So you have to wait for the good news from your yogis ...

A very special day has come to an end, very special indeed, which leaves many in a very silent mood ....

Jai Shri Mataji

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