Tuesday, 21 December 2010

CoolCheck campaign launch in an hour and a half!

Dear yogis

We are thrilled to announce we are ready to launch CoolCheck - A meditation portal for young people of the world.

We have heard that many of you have made YouTube accounts and are ready. If you haven't , please do. Use your name and not Sahaj related usernames : )
To make the YouTube video campaign a success it is important that we all view the video at the same time across the globe. Please ask your friends to join in to hep us as well.

The video is going to be available on Tuesday morning. The link is:
to the YouTube video.

We do not know what time zone you are in.. but we are launching on 21 December 2010, Tuesday at 14.30GMT (London Time)

Here are some of the important cities with the time of launch:
LA 6.30am
New York 9.30am
London 14.30
Western Europe 15.30
S. Peterbourg 17.30
Moscow 17.30
India 21.00
Sydney 1.30 am (22n December)

So please check what time it is in your city at 14.30GMT .. plese click here

Please do remember:
* The video at the moment is not available. We will release the video on Tuesday Morning.
* Comment on the video keeping in mind that the video and the CoolCheck site is for Young Non Yogis. No Sahaj terms and no JSM.
* to LIKE the video on YouTube .. its a ThumbsUP icon right below the video.

All our love and please please ask everyone to follow the YouTube link and watch in the video.
CoolCheck team

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