Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Shri Mataji leaving India - Dec. 4th (from Rabi)

It was a very exciting day (Saturday, 4th Deember 2010)  altogether since morning . Yogis in India especially those in Delhi and around  were gearing up to catch up the event of this day to offer their pranam and surrender at Her Holy Feet of Shri Mataji on the eve of day of Her holy departure from india after this historic holy visit in this land of Kundalini.

Suddenly around 9:30 in the morning through sms, SITA India flashed several messages to the India  collective with joy in heart that the entire event of Her holy darshan of Shri Mataji in the ‘Nirmal Dham’ (in Chhawlagaon, Delhi NCR) today will be aired 10am  onwards in nirmalnagari.org site as per Indian time. The yogis who could not be present but had internet connectivity made it a point get glued to their internet since 9:45 morning to not to miss a single moment during Her Darshan of Shri Mataji.

The stage at Nirmal Dham had a very elegant look and looked majestic. It reminded of earlier days of Birthday Puja hostings and other events in Her Holy presence of Shri Mataji several times in this place. At around 11:30 news rushed in that Shri Mataji along with all family members have departed for Nirmal Dham on their way to the Airport from Noida. Shri Mataji arrived almost at 12:30 at the venue where thousands were waiting anxiously to catch up the glimpse of our most holy Mother. Shri Mataji's Van was parked on the stage and Shri Mataji was welcomed as Her chair was brought just out of the van. The emotions and sentiments behind Her darshan to the devotees cannot be  expressed in simple sentences. It really touched the heart of all of teh collective as every one  felt the moment has come when Shri Mataji will be  leaving after Her short but historic stay in India. There were a couple of very soothing bhajans sung in Her praise in Her holy presence.

Later, Sir CP addressed the collective over the mike amidst 5,000+ yogis who had gathered to catch up the Darshan of Shri Mataji and offer their Pranam. 

Sir CP in his speech made two very important statements. 

One was translating Mother’s message to the world - that had been  the pure desire of Mother, he continued saying about Her desire and also  expects from all Realized souls. He said- Shri Mataji, always said there was one God , and we are children of that one God. We may be different yet should have the element of Love for each other transgressing all other mundane subjects. 

And the second statement was - the Holy abode of Shri Mataji in Pune called as Pratisthan , She Mataji has desired to gift it out to the world. It should be maintained as one among the world Sahaja heritage from now onwards. The property now has been transferred to the Indian National Trustees for maintenances of the same. Sir CP also expressed his gratitude and joy appreciating the works and efforts undertaken by the Sahaja Yogis in Nirmal Dham and in Delhi which he reflected to be unique in its own kind that he ever witnessed.

Shri Mataji along with other family members left for Airport around 1:10 PM from Nirmal Dham and finally made Her holy departure from India for Genoa at 2:30 PM from Delhi. Shri Mataji is likely to be in Genoa via Rome at around 22:25 (local time).

Shri Mataji on behalf of the world collective we offer our heartfelt Pranam and surrender at Your holy lotus Feet. May You kindly accept the same. You have given us more than we ever asked for. Mother we are indebted to You for the endless love that You have been showering upon us. Mother please bless us to be more perfect and worthy children of Yours to see our own defects and love others as You always desired. Mother Your Holy Feet has toiled a lot in the cause of cleansing the humanity. We pray wherever You are, may Your holy Feet rest and be comfortable while we mediate on You. Mother , kindly  bestow upon us the privilege to serve at Your Holy Feet by spreading Your holy message across the globe until the last human is left for his self realization. Amen!

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