Friday, 28 January 2011

Laughter in tears. by Malati Monika Eliasson

Written on 16 of May 2010

Dear friends!

When I woke up this morning I remembered that I had a dream in the night about my Medicinal Indian Vocal Music Therapy teacher Dr Arun Apte. I was surprised, I don´t dream so often and I had never had a dream with my teacher in it.

The dream was short. I was leading a meditation with some people and told everyone to meditate to take away all the past thoughts. (Our mind is often full of thoughts of the past and of the future, with Sahaja Yoga meditation you can easy become thoughtless, which means a relaxed state for both our mind and body.) Suddenly my teacher Arun Apte was sitting beside me and with his special humorous loving smile he told me: “Monika, don´t you think we should meditate to take away our future thoughts now!?” And then the dream ended.

After breakfast I read an e-mail saying that my teacher Arun Apte had past away yesterday morning. Oh, that hurted so much. I started to cry. I told my son that I was so sad, I was so sure that I was going to meet my teacher again, so sure, but now it was not possible. My son kissed and hugged me and said: “mummy don´t be sad, you did meet him again, you met him in the dream.” That was so true and I started to laugh in between my tears.

I remembered what Arun Apte told me in the dream; “we should take away our future thoughts”. My future thoughts had only created expectations and then sadness. So, once again I understood that thoughtless awareness is the best state. This time it was difficult, I really felt like I got a big punch in my heart, but also once again I got a big smile on my face!

I feel so grateful that I have had Arun Apte as my teacher! I will continue to sing and listen to his music, like I have done almost every day for about 12 years. His songs and his research will definitely continue to live, because he was a true instrument of the divine force!

May the force be with you!

Lots of Love from your friend Malati-Monika!!!!

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