Friday, 14 January 2011

Message from Foundation

Dear Sahaj brothers and sisters,

Sahaj Gyaan greets you on this auspicious occasion of Sankranti to celebrate the Sun returning back from the Tropic of Capricon to the Tropic of Cancer. We wish to bring to you excerpts from one Sankranti Puja of Shri Mataji held at Mumbai, India in 1990.

"Today is a day for us to celebrate in India very much and may be also most of the year, because the Sun goes down to the, to the Capricorn and from Capricorn it then comes to tropic of Cancer. When the Sun comes on this Earth back, then all the creativity of the Mother Earth starts acting and She creates such beautiful things like flowers, such nice things, nourishing things like fruits and fulfilling things like fruits."
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Wishing you all a vibrant Sankranti Celebration !
With love and respect,
Sahaj Gyaan.

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