Sunday, 2 January 2011

NEW YEAR in Genova : the blissful beginning of 2011

Dear ones,

It seems hard to believe that these few days of bliss are already over and that yogis from all over the world are starting to leave for their home countries. We had such a great time with many old friends, with new friends that we could meet to tie these bonds that make our big sahaj family such a haven of joy.

You can see some parts of the two last days' programs on this link (you have to scroll down to see the various videos) :

So last night once again, all the yogis gathered in the hall to prepare for the joyful celebration of New Year's eve. Already in the afternoon, several yogis had presented collective projects like the Yuvas' Cool Check website, the TEV's performance in Geneva, the CEL project and many other interesting presentations to vary our approach to new people.

The evening program started with a great concert of Pt B. Subramaniam and Pt S. Popatkar on the tablas, accompanied by several others yogis who formed all together a brilliant group to enchant the audience. After a very beautiful evening raga, several bhajans made us enter into a more meditative state waiting for our beloved Mother to come. When the announcement came that Shri Mataji had left Her house nearby the hall, beaming faces could be seen all over. A young girl from the Dharamshala sahaj school was rendering a beautiful raga on the violin accompanied by Pt S. Popatkar to welcome Shri Mataji on the stage. After the welcome Aarti and the offering of a flower garland to Shri Mataji's Feet, a group of Dharamashala children were presenting a beautiful dance to the music of Vande Mataram. Then we were listening to a wonderful rendering of Pt B. Subramaniam accompanied by Pt S. Popatkar and the principal of Vaitarna music academy who presented an absolutely stunning raga on the Keyboard. Such a beautiful performance ...

Then the newly wed couples were called to do Namaskar to Shri Mataji and they received their wedding gifts, praying to Shri Mataji for an auspicious and happy married life. Most of them were wearing their marriage saris and kurtas and it was such a beautiful and heart moving sight to see them in front of the stage bowing down to Shri Mataji. They also were offered another present in the name of Shri Mataji, the compilation of Shri Mataji's talks on marriages.

Time had quickly gone ahead and midnight was approaching. It was the time of cheerful bhajans and of Quawalis with Thomas, Reine from Finland and other great yogis and yoginis singers who led us to the end of 2010. Everybody joined in to sing Allah Hu and then the countdown started to welcome the New Year 2011. Reine suggested that we should present to Shri Mataji in our heart our desires and wishes for this year 2011. Our love flew out towards Shri Mataji who had bestowed so many blessings on us this last year and who was witnessing our attempts to create a Sahaja Yoga following the visions of our Holy Mother. Lots of efforts still have to be done, so our prayers went out that this New Year should see a powerful and deep World collective with many cells and groups to spread Sahaja Yoga all over the world.

The air resounded with JAI SHRI MATAJI when the New Year finally arrived. Sir C.P. gave a short beautiful speech about the role of the yogis to do Shri Mataji's work and to carry the responsibility for the continuation of Sahaja Yoga, for its success and for the leadership in this world that Sahaja Yogis should take over in this modern world shattered by so much turmoil and violence. He also presented his best wishes to the newly married couples and he asked us to give standing ovations to the outstanding artists that had enchanted us tonight. Several presents were offered to Shri Mataji with the best wishes for this new year 2011 before the quawalis made us enter into the new year with such a collective joy and love. Impossible to not stand up and dance, such a bond of oneness between all of us in these first moments of 2011. Then the time had come to bade farewell to Shri Mataji. Dulio from Italy addressed Shri Mataji in the name of all the yogis to once again express our gratitude for the blessings she had bestowed on us and to promise that we will do whatever is possible to spread Sahaja Yoga all over the world, to reach as many seekers as possible so that they can recognise Shri Mataji in their hearts ...

Shri Mataji was then led towards the car and of course, the night of New Year's eve could only end with a beautiful firework just in front of the hall. Each one of us then did Namaskar to Shri Mataji, keeping in his heart these precious moments that we had shared together in the presence of Shri Mataji. When Shri Mataji had left for Her House, yogis were hugging each other, wishing each other a blissful and happy New Year 2011. And as you can imagine, the night was not over, music and dance throughout the night until the dawn of the first morning of 2011 .....

Jai Shri Mataji and a Happy New Year,
love, Doris

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