Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Patrick Sheridan 'Expecting to Fly' - new book for seekers

Dear All

As I keep getting emails about the link to the book ‘Expecting to fly’ that I posted on shakti sanga 2 days ago I feel I owe everyone an explanation.

The book ‘Expecting to Fly’ has been recently published by my husband under the pen name Patrick Sheridan. He is one of the first Yogis in the West and he has written this book in an attempted to reach out to all the lost seekers, especially those taking drugs.

Long time ago Shri Mataji asked him to write such a book so it has been done. It was not his intention to write for Sahaja Yogis as the first part is a bit shocking, because he talks about the drug culture in the 60s and his seeking through drugs etc.

It was vital , in his view, to appeal to the wider audience while taking them on the journey of spiritual transformation. After the story of his seeking, he describes everything that happened when he met Shri Mataji and the early days of Sahaja Yoga. He is trying to explain Sahaja Yoga to seekers from a similar background to him, and he describes a lot of the experiences that he has had as he has gone deeper into self realisation. I think it would be a good book to give to seekers who are taking drugs or are lost in all the strange ‘New Age’ practices.

So here it is again:

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Gabita said...

Hello Patrick,

Please make your book available in PDF downloadable/buyable from amazon for the KINDLE


Kirsty McArdle said...

Great book, easy read and inspiring
Kirsty x