Thursday, 13 January 2011

West Coast Online - Sankranti Puja live tomorrow (Jan. 14, 2011)

We will collectively offer a small puja to Shri Mataji for Sankranti during tomorrow's US West Coast Online Meditation webcast @ 5:30 am PST (GMT+8).

This will include a live HD video stream as well. Please be sure to prep as many of the following as possible, in your own homes so we can all offer puja simultaneously.

1) Fresh flowers to offer Mother
2) Sweets for prasad (ideally "til gul laddoos" - these are made with sesame seeds and jaggery / palm sugar, or other sesame sweets available at your Asian / Mediterranean market)
3) Mantra / bhajan books (for Atharvasheersha, Aarti, etc.)
4) Rose water + cotton swab / towel to wipe Mother's photo and feet
5) Dotted coconut

Also note that tomorrow's session maybe be longer in duration than the regular 30 - 45 minutes.

Please forward this message as appropriate.



Link to online stream:

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