Saturday, 26 February 2011

Borotin - what we said to the children

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Jai Shri Mataji!

"On Thursday morning, before the meditation, auntie Daniela started asking the children, "Who is Shri Mataji?", various answers came, one of them being "She is God".

So she continued, "children, we all know that whatever God is deciding or doing, it is the right thing, isn't it? For example, when Shri Mataji decides to go to India, nobody is asking why, or questioning, we know Shri Mataji has Her reasons. So Shri Mataji now decided to go to Heaven, to the deities".

Some children asked: "Where is Heaven?"
and it was answered: "In the sky, with the stars".
one child asked: "What are stars?"

"Stars are the windows from Heaven, allowing the deities to see us. And now Shri Mataji is with the deities, looking at us through the windows of the sky."

Much love from us,
Borotin Team

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