Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Picture Yourself at the Canajoharie School...

Picture Yourself at the Canajoharie School...

You may have never considered it...
You may have never imagined it...

But you could be lucky enough to:
- spend time in the cloud of vibrations
                    - surrounded by little Sahaj angels
                                          - in the company of your Sahaj family!

The International Sahaj School at Canajoharie has many international staff applicants, but we are
looking for yoginis from the EU at the moment (due to visa restrictions)

Your mission : Canajoharie School Auntie or Kindergarten Teacher
Your timeframe : between March 12th and June 16th
                           (includes one week before and after the term)

It could be YOU.  Please contact us today to discuss if you are the right match
for this very special mission! You will be back in Europe for the summer pujas,
knowing you have made your small contribution to the joy of the vishuddhi!

Time is short! Live in the present! Apply today!!!

email volunteer@sahajschool.org or apply on our website www.sahajschool.org

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