Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A talk a week - The most Dynamic power is Love

Today's talk:
Shri Krishna Puja, Mumbai, India (1973-08-28)
The most Dynamic power is Love 

"I feel that warmth in the atmosphere, as you are feeling because you know they are not foreigners, they are your brothers and sisters.

There are so many stories in Puranas like this that... I will not name it, but once two brothers met in a jungle. But they thought that they were enemies and they wanted to fight with each other, and when they came too close they couldn't hit each other. Then they took out their arrows, the arrows wouldn't work. They were quite surprised at this and when they asked each other, "Who is your mother?," they found out, mother was the same. And then they realized that they were not foreigners neither enemies but they were made of the same fiber."


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