Monday, 28 February 2011

A testimonial from Cabella

Jai Shri Mataji!
Dear all,

I went to Cabella and saw Mother on Friday. We where all amazed at how alive She looked. Mother once said that She didn't know if She was in or out of Her body. She was defiantly still there and not an empty shell as I saw with my Grandma when she died.

Mother looked so much younger and nothing like the last few years. She looked so strong, peaceful or I should say joyful and smiling without smiling. To me Mother looked very satisfied and looked like Shri Hunaman. This was just another aspect of Our Mother.

There where only about 1000 of us there on Saturday. We crowded inside and outside of the castle and performed our leaving puja to Shri Mataji. For the last time in Europe we sang to Her physical body the Three Great Mantras. There was silence everywhere. Then Mothers' husky dog howled 3 times followed by the church bell paying its last respects by chiming 12 times.

I feel, as did others there, that this was all She could do to unite us all and united we all are at this profoundly historical time. The vibrations where and continue to be tremendous as the collective attention is so strongly on Her now.

I'm sure our brother who was at the clinic after Mother died would like you all to know the story he told me. The nurse at the clinic went to give Shri Mataji Her tablets but found Her sleeping so she left Her to sleep with the intention of returning a little later when She awoke. When the nurse returned  she saw a big white elephant outside Mother's door, preventing her from entering the room. It was at this time Mother died!

Mother left Cabella on Saturday 26th February. On Sunday morning, Shivaratri, I awoke at 4am to see the biggest snow flakes I've ever seen falling. By 8am the whole of Cabella was white. A blessing of Shri Shiva and Shri Ganesha.
There following some beautiful photos of Our Beloved Mother. I'll post mine a little later.

Jai Shri Mataji! With much love


Rana Nishant Singh said...

Jai Shree Mataji..

Thanks for sharing this experience , we wish we all come true to our mother's dream and make this whole planet under the snowflakes of mother's love.

Jai Shree Mataji.

Swapnil Modsingh said...

Kindly post the Pics sister.Jai Shri Mataji !

cythare said...

Dear Swapnil and All,

Here is the link for my photos of Mothers' Farewell in Cabella Feb 2011:

On another note, yesterday I got a phone call from a lady asking if Nirmala was there. It was a genuine wrong number!?

Jai Shri Mataji!


bujji said...

jai shree mataji

thanks for sharing the experience.

jai shree mataji