Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Third Advent is now in paperback at $11.95

Dear Brothers and Sisters

Thanks to the generosity of Sahaja Yogi printers, this 390 page book, which was $24.95 in hardcover is now available in paperback at the remarkable price of $11.95.

This is a really important book to have in your collection, for it explains the historical context in which the advent of our Holy Mother occurred. It was published too by three non Sahaja publishing companies, in India and Australia by the prestigious Penguin Books and in Italy by Edizioni Mediterranee. It is therefore a perfect book to give to someone who is not a Sahaja Yogi.

You can get a copy at http://www.daisyamerica.com - to buy, be careful to click on the right button depending on whether you live in, or outside the USA. It is also available as an iPhone App, and when first published in this form, was chosen by Apple for a special feature.

Here are some quotes:

The Third Advent offers a candid view of a fascinating journey in search of Truth. For all of us struggling to find meaning in these hectic and alienating times, in a world that seems to be caught up in never-ending turmoil, it directs us to the discovery of Sahaja Yoga, a form of meditation that adapts the essence of centuries-old traditions from all religions to modern needs in modern times.  The author follows his Guru in saying things simply and clearly, but always with an incisive insight that brings out the hidden essence in our day to day to experiences and puts them in a holistic context.
 Grégoire de Kalbermatten paints on a large and multidimensional canvass that ranges from Plato to Adi Shankaracharya, from Benhur to Matrix Reloaded, from Marcuse to Markandaya, with Hegel, Rimbaud and Gandhi thrown in for good measure; and from sunbathing on sunny beaches to correcting minute imbalances in the subtle inner body with the help of the Kundalini. The text rivets our attention and may even inspire some of us to join him in his on-going journey of discovery.
 ‘A must read’ for all of us who know that there is joy to be experienced in this life but are still searching.
Rajiv Kumar, Economic Advisor (1992-95) in the Ministry of Finance, Government of India.

The Third Advent describes a subtle universal force that has, over millions of years of evolution, encoded into the human brain its unique potential for a moral, spiritually integrated state called "Sahaja" that exists beyond the limitations of the individual, subjective mind. It traces the development of humanity's varied attempts to understand and harness it that have manifested variously in the work of saints, mystics, religions and recently in the modern collective urge for a new, higher awareness. The author unveils the previously poorly understood subtle energetic system that underpins all human experience, the system that has now been scientifically proven to realize its full potential, Sahaja Yoga, and the architect of this revolutionary new paradigm of consciousness, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi."
 Dr. Ramesh Manocha
Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney, Australia

Grégoire de Kalbermatten presents us with a stunning solution to the problems confronting us all today, whether at a personal or collective level.  In The Third Advent, we are invited to test a hypothesis that can not only transform us individually, but which will also secure the very existence of society in a sustainable manner for the future.   He leads us on an exciting journey, inviting us to consider some of the great incarnations, saints and masters of past ages, qualifying the offerings of the foremost philosophers of recent times and then introducing us to the practical means of enhancing our evolutionary path.   For anyone with an enquiring mind or with a concern as to where our ever-more globalized society might be leading, this book is a must, especially as it has been written from convincing personal experience.
 Dr. Ian Maitland Hume, Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, International Lecturer in Scottish history and ethnology.
 The Third Advent submits a fascinating hypothesis to test: that within us lies the power to transform the microcosm of our consciousness as well as the macrocosm of society.  Not only, but that power can now be activated and used by anyone who seriously applies attention and desire to it.  As a social scientist, I marvel at the simplicity and the potential significance of this proposition.  If the hypothesis stands up to sound and honest scrutiny, then this book will go down in history as a revolutionary contribution to mankind's learning and development. Interestingly, even if it is not, the mere reflection on the set of observations offered in this book will more than compensate the reader for the investment made. Given the height of the stakes, it seems hard to justify passing on the opportunity to acquaint oneself with this work and to validate its claims at least in the confined reality of our own life.  Future research and the collective experience of readers like you and me will draw the line between optimistic belief and universal truth.  In the process, you are in for a treat!
Maurizio Zollo 
Professor of Strategy and Management
INSEAD,  Fontainebleau, France
 The Third Advent takes us on a tour-de-force of literature, history, social science, and spirituality. This fascinating book achieves that rare feat of combining spiritual quest with intellectual honesty and rigor. Based on a lifetime of seeking, Grégoire de Kalbermatten has written one of the best modern travel books available to the Self-discoverer. The result is personal, yet universal. The Third Advent will become a treasured belonging in the backpack of today's spiritual traveler.
 Rasmus Heltberg, Economist, The World Bank, Washington, D.C.

The Third Advent is a brilliant account of the ages of Man in which we see that the driving force of our evolution is the quest for our own true identity.
Professor Eduardo Marino
Humanity is at the dawn of a Golden Age, a breakthrough in our collective evolution. The Third Advent unveils, in a colorful and fluid narrative, the building blocks of a process that old as humankind itself; but which is also in many ways entirely new. Great thinkers, poets, spiritual masters and now the author, with his first-hand experience and insights, travel through all of significance that is confronting men and women in the Third Millennium: globalization and development, environment, racism, fundamentalism, crises ... The teaching of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, Sahaja Yoga’s founder, and the promise of Self-realization to all who desire it – that is, the access to a higher level of knowledge and awareness - are the underlining thread that gives the book its cohesion.
 Anna Maria Brasileiro, World Bank, Washington DC

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