Monday, 28 March 2011

The Divine Cool Breeze – it's not too late

If you have forgotten, it is not too late.

The Divine Cool Breeze can still be yours. 

Subscribe now and the first three issues of 2011 will be sent together. The others will follow later in the year. Nothing will be missed.

And what will you get? Some surprises and treats.

An ABC of Sahaja Yoga — a primer of the alphabet, Sahaj style.

An issue devoted to the importance of humour and laughter, all in the words of Shri Mataji.

A chronicle of the year 1990 — all of the travels of Shri Mataji, Her talks, Her programs — a festival of ascent in one magazine.

If you have forgotten, subscribe to The Divine Cool Breeze now. 
The number of available subscriptions may sell out this year.

And remember you can give a subscription to another Sahaja Yoga in the Exchange program. You give the subscription, we find someone to send it to. Sixty-three subscriptions have been donated so far this year, giving us a readership in 81 countries.

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