Monday, 21 March 2011

Talk of the Week - Birthday 1977

Today's talk:
Birthday Puja, Mumbai (1977-03-21) - To understand Sahaja Yoga you need a shraddavan (faithful) heart

"On this day I would request you to think of love all the time. Love is all knowledge. Knowledge is all love. There is nothing beyond. If you have knowledge, it has to pass the test of love. If you know a person, it makes no record on you because you know him from outside. But if you love a person then you know the person out and out. You know him so well, you know him... everything, the way it is. It is this knowledge that is what we call is the 'para' [Sanskrit meaning beyond/more] knowledge. That is the knowledge we have to seek."
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Dianabol said...

Love is the answer. Thanks for sharing.