Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A testimonial and photos from Cabella

(French version here)

After the death announcement, everything fall into place automatically and we ended up leaving for Cabella where we got on Friday night at around 20:30.

Arrival at Palazzio Doria Friday around 9:30 pm. We received a darshan inside the home of Mother, Palazzio Doria.

Upon entering, I dared not even imagine what I will find in this room.

Although Mother seemed sound asleep , Her vision was painful to me for a while, but I had to accept it. We moved slowly and with dignity all carried by the omnipresent power of love, extraordinary strong vibrations surrounded us and prevented us from faltering.
I was like in a bubble of love, beyond time, outside of myself united with everything around me.

During this darshan, I went through all kind of "states" and "phases" conceivable, such as intimate emotions that I find hard to express. I do not know how long this could have last, it just seemed that time had stopped.

We contoured the coffin of Mother from Her feet to Sahasrara through the right side and then along the left side.
Her face looked rested.

On the right side I was seeing Shri Kalki, while the left side, Her face reminded me strongly Shri Shiva.

The coffin was surrounded by a thick wall of beautiful and fragrant flowers and bouquets, offered, filed and stacked by all devotees.

Strewn among the flowers, there were children's drawings, collages, several coconuts, a beautiful  pineapple and I saw a beautiful statue of Shri Hanuman standing to the right of Mother. My eyes fled and tried to hang around for not facing reality.
The moment I feared most in the world had arrived and I had to be there strong enough to face.

When I entered the room for Darshan, the musician group began to play the badjhan,"Brahma Shodile", I would say it is my favourite song and I was particularly touched and I felt my heart filled with joy and gratitude.
(My rakhi brother came much later for Darshan, told me that his favorite badjan was played at the moment he entered the room, "Adi MA".)

Followed the reading of a text extracted from a speech given by Mother in 1984 in France. It was perfectly read by Victor.
I believe this text is one of the most appropriate at the time that we live in today. It has already been sent by email in several languages since Wednesday, but I again post it below. I think we should all read it and integrate it.

Despite the pain, sadness, our heart was light, open. Everyone was deeply happy to be assembled here in this very unique and special occasion.

The vibrations were incredibly powerful, we plunged into a state of total thoughtless awareness.

The next morning we returned to the Castle around 11:30 am.
We witnessed the preparations, the Puja and the "moving" departure of Mother from the hill that faces the entrance to the castle. From the hill that faces the castle, we witnessed all preparations, the Puja and Mother's departure in the funeral car sprinkled with rose petals, while we were all singing "Sitting in the Heart of the Universe" and "Mataji, Mataji Your face shines like a thousands suns".
At the call of the conch, we joined both hands and bowed to Her, when we looked up, the car had totally vanished.
My 21 years of heaven on earth all of a sudden "interrupted"? What can I say? What to do?
I feel so strong at the same time, inhabited by a new force.

The message we heard during those 24 hours from the mouths of those who spoke at the microphone, is that "we face, be strong, brave and courageous, never doubt, love each other, unite and come together. Cabella remains Cabella nothing will change, we are the ambassadors of the message of Love of our Mother who live and act through us."
Let us be worthy of Her message and carry it to the whole world.
Who else but Mother came to earth to bring this powerful message of Love?
She is the only one incarnation who did it. We have to remember it at every moment of our live.

I wanted to tell all my brothers and sisters who could not attend the Darshan, that in front of Mother I had a minute's silence deep and sincere for each and everyone of you.

And finally, to acknowledge and thank all our Italian brothers and sisters who organized in no time, with such love and perfection this unforgettable event.

In 1992, when I was in Brazil, I made the promise to Mother, to be by Her side until the end, so I can say I fulfilled my promise the best I could and now, I know that She will be with me and inside my heart until the end of my life.

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We thank Janaki for this testimonial.


zohreh said...

thanks for nice explanations.
could you please post the text extracted from a speech given by Mother in 1984 in France?

Techie Mool chand said...

Jai shri mataji,
thank u very much for sharing this beautiful experience.
Let's prey mother to give us more depth and surrender.

pradip gharpure said...

We are extremely thankful for publication of details of last journey of Mataji with details and pictures. I am sure Mataji would be with us, within us and guide us on righteous path, and make the world the beautiful place to live in.

deepak sharma said...

as zohreh said, please post the text from Mother's speech in France that you mentioned in your testimonial.

Jai Shree Mataji

Ирина said...

Jai Shree Mataji!!!