Monday, 4 April 2011

Clippings of the last private musical concert at Noida

Via Rabi

In the wake of Gudi Puja let us enjoy a few clippings from You Tube with a few bhajans from Abhijit who sings in Her holy presence of Shri Mataji in Noida House- Pratisthan last year in December before her departure from India.

Abhijit Ghoshal is a Sahaja Yogi and also an established versatile profession singer performs in Her holy presence of Shri Mataji in Her Noida Residence on 1st December 2010 before Her last departure from India to Genova on 4th December 2010. Abhijit’s songs are all dedicated at Her Holy Lotus Feet and each and every number takes us to a meditative state. A few of the clippings can be enjoyed on the You Tube.

However, the entire album of Abhijit Ghoshal with 11 numbers of Bhajans (I think so) titled as 'Bhavarpan' has recently been released by NITL in India and available under the DVD catalogued as No. 325.

Meanwhile, we may like to enjoy them now on this day or save it in favorite to hear them later.

Bhavani Dayani 1st Dec2010

Dhanya Bhaag Seva Ka  1st Dec2010

More Saiyaan to hain Pardes

Pranamya shirsa-Ganapati Shloka

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abhijit ghoshal said...

plz put DHANYA BHAG SEVA KA AVSAR PAYA thru this URL....

Dhanya Bhaag Seva Ka 1st Dec2010

Jai Shri Maata Ji...
Abhijit Ghoshal...

Thanks a lot to all of you for loving th songs...