Monday, 18 April 2011

The Divine Cool Breeze: 100 subscription remaining

We invite you to subscribe to The Divine Cool Breeze. Soon it will be sold out for the year.

This international journal of Sahaja Yoga is read by more than 900 Sahaja Yogis in 82 countries and we would like to you to be among them.

Today's Divine Cool Breeze is a guided tour of the words and pictures of Shri Mataji. It is full of images otherwise unseen. It is insight and understanding. It is inspiration.

This year we are printing only 1000 copies of each issue. That means there are less than 100 subscriptions still available for sale worldwide. After that, we are sold out.

Subscribe now and reserve your copies. You will receive the first three 2011 issues together and three more throughout the year.

You are invited:

If you are unable to subscribe for any reason or would like to give a gift to another, check out our Exchange Program.

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