Friday, 1 April 2011

Meditation at Toronto Zoo

[edit: the message was a joke on April 1st occasion]

The management of Toronto Zoo invited a group of yogis for a meditation experiment with the animals there.

We tried different techniques: working on them, raising Kindalini, footsoak and even ice on liver. The results were fabulous.

Not only the animals were more balanced they showed true friendliness towards us: we were able to play with tigers, feed the lions and even play catch with pumas.

We were presented the following diploma in the end:

Here are some photos from the events:


Anonymous said...

Ha ha April Fools!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Gag, love it!!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! nice!

Anonymous said...

Really hilarious ! Very clever !

Anonymous said...

And you got me :)
Having a head full of vision of saints communicating with animals, I believed we are already there, lol.
My non yogi friend pulled me back down to earth with following comment: "I actually could believe that yogis can meditate with animals, but I can't believe that management of Zoo would invite them to do so" :)

Some link on the topic:

peter said...

nice post