Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Join prayer from Japan

Jai Shri Mataji

The Fukushima nuclear plant situaltion is still a big issue not only for Japan but for the whole world. Let this be a good chance to have a new life style and new awareness. We humbly ask all the yogis to share our prayer, bandhan or shoebeat at 19:30 Japan time. Or putting bhandan at the end of every meditation.

Thank you from our hearts. We have a special page on our Facebook "Join Prayer from Japan" for all yogis and non-yogis.

Sincerely Sawako

Join prayer from Japan

Act, Pray and Meditate with us for Japan and the Globe!

We, volunteer group of Japanese welcome you to join our prayer and meditation for the collective seeking of alternative way of life and value system.

1) Put your right hand on your head, palm downwards. Left hand on your lap, palm upward.

2) And try to lift your hand gradually upward and feel the gentle, soothing, cool breeze coming on your palm.

3) Put back your right hand on your lap and stay still in silence.

4) If you can, please join our prayer and meditation everyday from 19:30 JST for 5 minutes.

5) Get back to us to tell us what you have felt and share your feelings.

In Tohoku, Japan, so many lives are taken. The image of gigantic tsunami and the following destruction was utterly frightening...And now, we are concerning the possibility of worst Nuclear catastrophe. It looks really too much. You can imagine the fear and stress of Japanese people who is still showing their partial strength.

Having gone through all this, we are more and more realizing that it is not only our problem but it should be shared by everyone on earth. Don't need to think it is only the problem of Japan, as it can happen to you anytime. We feel that the nuclear problem is symbolically suggesting all of us to re-consider our modern way of life based on the mass production. We are living in such a society that we cannot keep on going without relying on the destructive monster like nuclear reactors. As one of the "advanced" countries, we believe, we have special responsibility to pave the way to the constructive, sustainable, environmentally friendly future.

But our goal is not to stop the nuclear power plant or to develop the natural ways of producing the electricity. If you want to do it and if you think you can, please do so. But we would like you to join our "spiritual" way. We would like to go down to the "core heart" of the problem.

Where is our problem? Nuclear reactors or radiation? We don't know that. And if you know, please tell us. But we only feel that it is high time to unite all our heart and good will regardless our creed, race, nationalities or religion. It is a matter of survival as a human race and we are quite on the edge. Our experience can tell that. Even our physical being is endangered, we can still bear the hope if our heart is intact each other and can reach our innate wisdom as a mankind if we go deeper inside ourselves. And to do so, we feel the above method is the purest and easiest way.

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andre posman said...

Dear brothers and sisters of Japan,
I remember I was in Sheffield (I believe it was in 1987, one year after Tsjernobil), and I met over there a English Sahaj femaile doctor in medicine, (I do'n( remeber her name) who was present in Minsk I believe, Where shri Mataji was having a public program. Minsk is not far from Tsjernobil. The yogi's present in the program told afterwords that vibrations were burning like they never felt. I remeber the doctor told me that Shri Mataji was telling them they were working out the radioactivity of the public. So, to be short, there is a perspective for people who are taken by radioactivity: kundalini neutralises the effects, Shri Mataji told after this program in Minsk, or in Ulrain, I do'nt remember. But looking at the dates of the public programs, you can find surely the exact time, and look for the yogi's who were present there, and heard what Mother told about radioactivity...
We have tried with some people in Belgium to do something about it, to put this in a scientific research program at a universiuty. It did'nt wwork out.
May be now is the moment?
Love, and good meditation!
André Posman from Belgium.