Friday, 20 May 2011

Realize IRAQ Tour 5

We arrived in Erbil on Friday afternoon on the the 6th of May and checked into our hotel. After resting for a while we went to the biggest shopping mall in Erbil, called Family Mall, and we took permission for the evening program. The people showed great interest in our program and some 500-600 people received their self realization. Everything was quite amazing!

We set out towards Kerkuk on Saturday. Upon arriving in Kerkuk we first visited the police force, then the School of Fine Arts and finally the Mayor of Kerkuk.

Everyone showed great interest in us. Some 25-30 people including the Mayor and the Chief of the Police Force received their self realization. Some additions were made to the TV shoot that had taken place the previous day and the final version of the video was played on TV twice the next day (on the channels called Zagros and Kerkuk TV). We left Kerkuk and set out for Sulaymaniye after dinner.

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