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About Vibrations (Guru Puja 1997)

Guru Puja 1997 from Sahaja Library on Vimeo.

Excerpt (starting at 9:20)
After all, we have to know why have we come to Sahaja Yoga. Begin at the root of it. We have come to Sahaja Yoga because we wanted to know the absolute truth, and this absolute truth has been now known to you through your vibrations. You know it through your vibrations, what is the absolute truth, and you should work everything on that line, that absolute truth, whatever you feel on your vibrations you have to follow.

Unfortunately, I have seen many people think that their vibrations are all right, they are all right and whatever they are receiving on their vibrations is first class. Now, how to correct that point is very difficult. It comes from ego. When you have ego, you can never find anything wrong with you. And even if the vibrations are telling you something, it might be somebody else who is telling you something, because you are not there, your ego is there and your ego is just spoiling you and teaching you things which normally you would see clearly that "I'm doing something wrong, I should not have done it."

In this process of correction and improvement, when you indulge you should see: "Are you getting subtler or grosser?" That is the best way to judge. Now, I've seen people who go on judging on small things like vibrations - whether this vibration are all right or not in this tree or on this flowers or on this land, all kinds of material things they want to see the vibrations. But for what are you seeing the vibration? You are seeing vibration because some sort of material gain. You think that if you check the vibrations and the vibrations are all right, then you are quite safe, you will not loose this, will not loose that. It's not true. Because vibrations are not meant to judge all these worldly things and worldly matters. It's absolutely cheapening the vibrations. You should not cheapen them, because vibrations can suggest things which may be detrimental to your growth very much.

Once, I wanted somebody to go somewhere, so he said, "I didn't go, Mother."

I said, "Why?"

"Because I saw the vibrations were very bad."

I said, "That's why I asked you to go. If the vibrations were good, what was your use going there? That's the reason I asked you to go there so that you could help but before that you judged yourself, judged your vibrations and then you didn't want to go."

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there is an similar teaching by Shri Mataji in Navaratri Puja 1998: