Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Channel 10 News (Australia) item praises Sahaja Yoga

This news comes from Sahaja Yogis in Australia

Yesterday Channel 10 (Australia) presented a News bulletin telling how a meditation technique called Sahaja Yoga is helping in relieving and/or preventing stress. The story featured a bus driver who had been suffering from stress had discovered Sahaja Yoga, and he explained how meditation for 10 minutes twice a day had helped him a lot, for free!

Dr Ramesh Manocha was also interviewed on his research on meditation and the benefits of mental silence at the University of Sydney.

Channel 10 allowed to be seen at the bottom of the screen in the last few seconds of the story.

It is a great story which will bring many more seekers to our centres.
A big thank you to all involved in this very important research led by Dr Ramesh!

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