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The Keys of Wisdom trilogy

The three amazing books of Linda Williams are now available to be ordered from Amazon:

More from the author:

 Haven’t we all occasionally wished we could truly enter the reality of the novel or movie we are currently engrossed in? Here is a trilogy which enables us to do just that. The Awakening of Navi Septa is set on a faraway planet, and by the end of it the reader can also start to enjoy the awakening of the title. Children will read these books as adventure stories, young adults might also enjoy the gentle romances woven into them, and adults will no doubt pick up the satire and Sahaja wisdom, the result of the author’s more than thirty years of exposure to Shri Mataji, and ten years of editing the recollections books.

 Years ago, when all the Sahaja Yogis were blessed to be in Shri Mataji’s presence and could ask Her advice on many subjects, I expressed a desire to write a novel which would enable people of all ages to enjoy some of the magic of Sahaja Yoga. With ideas, positive criticism and input from many Sahaja Yogis, The Keys of Wisdom was written. 

The keys represent the qualities of the chakras.

They help the seven young  heroes on their epic journey from Teletsia, a country ruled by demonic Sorcerers, to the secret land of Sasrar, and also let them discover more about their shortcomings and strengths, and how they must work together to achieve their goal. When I explained to Shri Mataji erHYHthat the seven children start their journey from a stone circle which represents the Mooladhara chakra, She said, ‘Call it the Temple of Support’. She also suggested names for some of the characters, and many of the anecdotes which make up the plot were inspired by Her stories and wisdom.

  Shri Mataji gave the name for Book 2 - The Mountain Mouse, which is based on the qualities of the heart chakra. Some of the characters from the first book use what they have learnt in Sasrar to help liberate the land of Daish Shaktay, and they also become effective partisans. I got ideas for many incidents in this book from the brave exploits of certain brave, patriotic and saintly men and women of Indian history. These were adapted and given to a young, charismatic king, and his friends and relations, who are trying to free and unite his kingdom. He teaches our heroes a great deal, and they aid him in his quest.

In Book 3, The Swarm of Bees, the seven young people, now five years older and considerably wiser, return to their own land and endeavour to free it from its evil rulers using the powers they now have, both spiritual and material, and they can also call on the forces of nature.

You may not find and use magical keys which unlock the wisdom of your innermost soul, as do our heroes, nor are you likely to control and ride tigers or flying horses, or fight sea battles with the help of whales, but these books do show, in a symbolic way, what can be achieved with absolute faith in the vibrations, and with full confidence that the divine is behind us as realised souls, as long as we remain free of fear, conditioning, ego and aggression. Some ideas for these books came from the ‘Recollections’ stories. The trilogy is, in a way, an allegory of the possibilities of Sahaja Yoga and Sahaja Yogis.

The books are available on Amazon.co.uk and Amazon.com, and will soon be at Blossom Farm, UK and at the Mother Culture bookshop at Cabella..

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