Saturday, 4 June 2011

North American Meditation Tour 2011: Updates

Jai Shri Mataji!

We would like to remind you to register for this year's Tour at
Please also see the below updates.
Dates We Will Be In Each City:
For those attending the entire tour, please fly into and out of Seattle International Airport on these dates -

Arrivals: Friday, July 22nd
Departures: Monday, August 15th

If you will be joining for only part of the tour, please note the city that the Tour will be in when you arrive/depart and fly into the appropriate airport.

July 22 - July 28: Seattle
July 29 - July 31: Portland
August 1 - August 5: Seattle
August 6 - August 14: Vancouver
August 15: Seattle

Other Yuva Shakti Summer Events
All yogis who are attending the Young Yuva Shakti Camp in Canajoharie from July 18-23rd, and who would like to attend the Tour as well, please stay in Canajoharie until the end of the Yuva Camp. We recommend that you take a Saturday evening or Sunday morning flight to Seattle from Albany.

Visiting the Vancouver Sahaja School
We will have the great joy of visiting and staying at the Vancouver Sahaja Middle School during the end of our tour!
We will complete the Tour with a mini-seminar at the school from August 11-14.

Realization and Follow-up Programs
A complete list of all the realization and follow-up programs that we will participate in during the Tour will be shared soon, so stay tuned and check out our website!

The North American Yuva Shakti

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