Friday, 3 June 2011

Sahaj Gyaan Newsletter - 3 New book releases

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
We are glad to announce the release of 3 new books which are listed below :
(This book is a biography of the Divine Mother Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi)

This book narrates those blissful moments in the realm of Mother’s  heart. This book is a narrative of Her life till 1990. This will be followed by the second volume titled ‘Shri Kalki’ which shows how gently She unfolds Her power of Shri Kalki from 1991 on—the power that would ultimately destroy all that is negative on earth and save all that is positive for the Satya Yuga.

The book narrates her birth, her leading role in the students freedom movement, Her marriage to Mr. C.P Srivastava, India's Independance, The opening of the Sahasrara, Formation of Life eternal trust, earlier pujas, protection to the yogis from theives, accidents & terror attacks, curing a patient with heart disease,dawn of Krita Yuga in 1980, giving self realisation in Villages in Maharastra, collective clearances, Marriages in Delhi, Australia Visit, Birthday celebration in London in 1982, Sahasrara Puja in Le Raincy in France, promise of her book CREATION, curing the Indian President, dawn of Satya Yuga, he golden age, Visit to the USA andCanada, Bordi Seminar 1984, Shri Kalki power, 6th February 1985 the dawn of Vishwa Nirmala Dharma, Mother cures DR. Rai's grandchildShri Shailaputri Puja held in Dharamshala, Buying the Shudy Camps, Mother's day shopping in Germany, Visits to european countries,Shaptashringi the place of Adi Shakti, footsoak at Brahmapuri, India Tour 1986, building the Pratishthan, India tour reaching GanapatipuleBlessings of Shri Annapurna, teaching "Maa teri Jeyaho", 1988 nine nights of worship, Mother talks about the Protection, Ravindra Jain composes the song Vishwa Vandita, Nepal Visit, 1989 Hanuman Puja in the UK, Miracle photograph explaining her thousand Petals, a cancer patient gets cured in Barcelona - Spain, St.Petersburg programs, Gorbachev wants to meet Mother, Mother send Gorbachev  Her blessings, Turkey visit, thousands getting realisation thru India Television, India tour 1989. South Indian Pujas, blessing the United Germany, SahajaYoga in UN,Spain and Greece visits, Pujas in Austria and Germany, Switzerland, Russia Program, Visiting the Far-East. 
                                            Nirmal Raagamrit                                          
(A book full of Classical Bandishes with notes by Pandit Baskar Subramanian)

In this book, Pt. Bhaskar Subramanian has composed Bandish for all Chakras, bandish for morning meditation, bandish for self-realisation in public programmes, bandish of her greatness, bandish of Sahaj Yogies and Sahaja Yoga’s greatness, which will help us in improving our devotion towards Shri Matji and Sahaja Yoga.

This book contains the following :
Meaning of Sanget (Music), Alankar – Some Exercises of Swaras with Taal, Classical Bandish [Compositions] For Chakras, Compositions For Morning Meditation, Compositions of Shri Mataji’s Greatness, Feelings of Sahaja Yogies,  Bandish for Public Programmes, and other Bandish.

(Eternally Inspiring Recollections with our Divine Mother Vol 1 in German Language)

It is a complete German translation of Linda William's Eternally inspiring recollections book. Vol-1, which contains  those eternal memories  of many  sahaja yogis with our Holy Mother Shri Mataji. This book is the first of the series of memories from India.

This book contains the following chapters :
Es begann in Indien, Indien in den späten Siebzigern, Indien-Touren in den Achtzigern, Indien-Touren in den Neunzigern, Ganapatipule, Mumbai und Umgebung – nach 1980, Irgendwo in Maharashtra, Südindien, Delhi – nach 1980, Nordindien – nach 1980, Himalaja und Nepal, Pratishthan.


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You can also pre-order these books by writing to us at . These books shall be available during the Guru Puja celebrations this year.  You may either collect them from our Audio, Video, Books Stall or we can ship this book directly to your address if you prefer.

A pre-order is necessary for all these books.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Also wishing you a vibrant and joyful Adi Shakti Puja celebrations.

Thank you very much.
With love and respect,
Sahaj Gyaan Team.
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