Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Intellectual Property Project

Dear Sahaj Sangha

We feel very joyous to inform you about the latest decisions that have been taken by NIPC regarding the new model of use of the Legacy of Shri Mataji.

On the Sunday 10th of July 2011, NIPC and few members of the World Foundation validated the new fundamental principle on which the model would be based.

Here are the major points:
  1. The aim is to provide a website in different languages where the whole Sahaj Collectivity would have access after registration for free to all the legacy of Shri Mataji. It means concretely that good quality videos (also with subtitles), audios, texts and photos of events would be accessible in streaming or to be read or seen on the website for free.
  2. To acquire for yourself an event per download would then need to be paid but at a small price.
  3. Region, countries and centers will produce locally their own DVDs from the masters prepared (also with subtitles) by Devi Production (DP) who is working full time in agreement with NIPC on the preservation and production of the legacy. Price will be local.
  4. The legacy of Shri Mataji will also be available for purchase through other support such as Media Players, USB key, CDs and books.
To be able to make this possible we strongly believe that the whole Sangha will feel responsible and be generous in order to finance this idea.

Every Sahaja Yogi would donate to contribute to the preservation and the diffusion of the Pure Knowledge given to us by our Holy Mother. For example if each Sahaja Yogi in the World would contribute 50 � once a year, we would cover the cost of the preservation and production of events (which demands a lot of work and attention as it should be preserved for the eternity) and also be able to increase the monthly production and therefore reduce the time to make all the knowledge available.

Any excess of money will be used for Sahaj Project.

We will communicate more about it soon and let you know how you can help and when all this will be available. We strongly believe that this new model will strengthen our collectivity and be a strong support for the development of Sahaja Yoga around the world.

With Love
Jai Shri Mataji

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